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  • Holiday stress manifests itself in a variety of ways. Please check-up on your loved ones this holiday season. #glassinthegrass

    Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🥃�VGTf

    my mom is drunk so i played death of a bachelor and this happened @brendonurie@PanicAtTheDisco

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    @brendonurie Just drawn u by me, hope ya like it. amma big fan omfg, am shaking

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    ATTN! @ANDYjKELSO is back! Go see this amazing man as Charlie in @KinkyBootsBway . Glad to see you back in the factory, Mr. Price!

    Ah shit did I miss 4/20? Well... Happy Earth Day then! 🌿�9x

    Here's a better pic of the bruises right before the show last night in Massachusetts.

    . @KellyannePolls I hope your legs fell the fuck asleep.

    Oh well. There's always next year. In the meantime, here's a clip of the real life of the party. His name is Duke. #TheGrammys

    Super dope. Thank you ashleamaree !

    here is my death of a bachelor album medley!! thanks for inspiring me @brendonurie

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    No no no. Thank YOU. Glad we've been friends so long. you da best @heidi_schroder

    This is not Panics Merch. These are stolen designs and the profit does NOT go to the band. These people are thieves.

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    Happy Halloween from Madrid, Spain

    Still one of my absolute favorite experiences. Thank you again @EnterDelusion for having us! #playyourpart

    Holy hell we're doing an arena tour next year! Guys. Seriously. It's gonna be crazy. Be there or be ◻️

    Such a beautiful time with amazing and kind people. I love y'all. #lebuabangkok#lebuahotelsandresort


    Brendon Urie answering YOUR fan questions

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    Entertainer. 35% talent. 65% water.

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