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  • 1965-66 Television Season 50th Anniversary Tribute: The Addams Family (Lisa Loring & Ken Weatherwax)

  • Lisa Loring (born Lisa Ann DeCinces; February 16, 1958) is an American actress. She is best known for having played Wednesday Addams on the 1964–1966 sitcom The Addams Family.

    Early life[edit]

    Her parents both served in the United States Navy, but divorced shortly after her birth. She grew up in Hawaii and later moved to Los Angeles with her mother. She began modeling at age three and appeared in an episode of Dr. Kildare, which aired in 1964.[1] Her mother died of alcoholism in 1974 at age 34.[1][2]

    She joined the cast of ABC sitcom The Pruitts of Southampton in 1966. After her childhood career, she also was a cast member of the CBSsoap operaAs the World Turns from 1980 to 1983, where she created the role of Cricket Montgomery.[1][2]

    Personal life[edit]

    Loring married her childhood sweetheart, Farrell Foumberg, in 1973, and had a daughter at the age of 16.[1][2] The marriage ended a year later in 1974. Loring married her second husband, actor Doug Stevenson, in 1981. He was a contract performer on another CBS/Procter & Gamble soap opera Search for Tomorrow, with whom she had a second daughter.[1][2] Their marriage ended in 1983.

    She appeared in the slasher film Blood Frenzy (1987).

    In 1987, Loring married adult film actor Jerry Butler[3]. They met on the set of the 1987 adult film, Traci's Big Trick, on which Loring worked as a make-up artist. In the ensuing years of their marriage, she voiced her dissatisfaction with Butler's continued involvement in pornography, and eventually Butler began secretly participating in porn shoots without her knowledge. In an interview with Dateline NBC in the 1990s, Butler described himself as "addicted to the lifestyle", ashamed of his clandestine behavior and its effect on his marriage. The couple later appeared on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show, again discussing the damage Butler's porn career was causing to their marriage. Butler and Loring divorced in 1992, which was also the year he began to drop out of the hardcore industry, and evidently by choice virtually disappeared from the public eye for many years.[1][2] Loring's fourth marriage was in 2003 to Graham Rich. The couple separated in 2008, and as of June 2014 were in the process of a divorce.

    Loring had a heroin addiction in her thirties, getting clean in 1992. She returned to acting in 2011.[citation needed]


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    1965-66 Television Season 50th Anniversary Tribute: The Addams Family (Lisa Loring & Ken Weatherwax)

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