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  • Sharp practice - Made up excessive fees
  • Holiday-ing with Sykes Cottages Day 1

  • Sharp practice - Made up excessive fees

    As owners we felt that the service was poor for what they take in commission and booking fees. They take bookings at very short notice without alerting you and when a booking is cancelled they charge a whole raft of fees that bare no relation to actual costs they might incur - eg. booking fee £39, Commission £73.20, customer compensation £30.50, insurance £20, admin fee £90. That's £252.70 they will take from you for a cancelled booking even if they manage to re-book the customer elsewhere (effectively earning themselves commission twice for the same week). If the customer paid by credit card - they charge a further £7.50 CC fee when we all know it costs pennies to process a card payment. It gets worse if you are unlucky enough to get 3 negative reviews they will cancel the upcoming bookings without bothering to inspect the property. We had a cancellation even though we had a favourable review score immediately after the third negative review. We visited and found the property to be of lettable standard but nevertheless redecorated and they could not be bothered to send someone to inspect the property during the week we spent doing this. They take as much money as they can get away with but offer no help whatsoever when things go wrong. They provide no assistance in the management of bookings - they book, take their fees and leave the owner to organise things at often little more than 24hours notice. They encourage last minute bookings and you will find these form a disproportionate wedge of your total bookings making planning your own holidays and periods of maintenance very difficult.


    Holiday-ing with Sykes Cottages Day 1

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    22.03.2018 golfhilldomuch:
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    30.03.2018 urplimgio:
    Have used Sykes Cottages a number of times with no interaction with the company personnel (everything was dealt with online).

    04.04.2018 neicurregun74:
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    Sykes Holiday Cottages is the UK's leading independent cottage rental agency.

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    The latest Tweets from Sykes Cottages (@sykescottages). The leading UK holiday letting experts. For more information on our holiday homes.

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    At Sykes, we offer our customers a huge range of over 10,000 holiday cottages to rent across the UK and Ireland.