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  • Wolfblood Season 3 behind the scenes with CBBC!

  • SOOO much energy, sass & 💕💕💕 at the #FREEPERIODS protest tonight calling for Theresa may to make #sanitaryproducts FREE to girls who need them. It’s 2017 #PERIODPOVERTY should not be a thing and it is? We’ve all done that paranoid look at the back of your skirt to check we haven’t had any ‘accidents’ imagine missing a whole week of school in order to maintain you’re dignity of leaking all over a form room chair. IMAGINE being a mother/parent and having to choose between feeding you’re children and buying sanitary products. We can ALL break the silence and #freetheflow by talking to our brothers, dads, sisters, mothers, local MP’s, ANYONE to get this movement in place. I promise you will be supported. If condoms are free and sex is a choice then sanitary products should be because periods ARE NOT. Thank you so much @amikageorge for making tonight happen and to EVERYONE who stood together to #FREEPERIODS. @dfdubz@theguiltyfeminist@adwoaaboah@gurlstalk#THERESAMAYTHISISYOUREBLOODYPROBLEM#togetherwearestronger


    Wolfblood Season 3 behind the scenes with CBBC!

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    To answer everyone's questions, we've made this video to tell you if Aimee Kelly will be in the new Wolfblood Season 4. Enjoy the video!.

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    Aimee Kelly/Айми Келли. Мы в твиттере.  Наше сообщество в России - Aimee Kelly Russia = #AKR.

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    BAFTA & BFI nominated actress |.

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    wouldn’t you like to know.