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  • OK, so there is a celebration in the Android camp today. Telegram for Android was redesigned and loaded with new features. But what about the iPhone fan army? It turns out, the iOS app got something just as great.

    In addition to granular controls for hiding your Last Seen and other privacy settings, today’s iPhone update introduces a great media feature – Animated GIF search.

    How Does This Work?

    You can find and share images from the Web using the “Find Images” attachment option. Today the Web image search got two new tabs – GIFs and Recent. The GIFs tab allows you to search through thousands of great GIF animations, powered by Giphy. Just type in a keyword and have fun.

    All images from the Web and GIFs you share will be saved in the Recent tab. You can go that tab whenever you're out of words and instantly share any of them just in three quick taps. If you forward an incoming GIF to a contact, that animation will also be available from the Recent tab. And yes, you can send multiple GIFs at once.

    One More Thing

    Another media feature we added to the iPhone app today are previews for YouTube and Instagram links. If a message contains nothing but a link to YouTube or Instagram, it will be transformed into a thumbnail with relevant information, such as title and duration. Check it out!

    ..but I'm on Android

    All of this is coming to our Android app in the next updates. So for now, sit back and enjoy your new privacy settings and material design. Soon we'll have GIFs and images for you as well!

    The Telegram Team
    November 19, 2014


    How to make GIF in mobile ....

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    07.03.2018 Дарья:
    Telegram хорош сам по себе, но его можно сделать ещё круче! Мы уже рассказывали об интересных ботах для популярного мессенджера, когда они.

    10.02.2018 tersterpau:
    Insanely Cool GIFs Только самые клевые GIF-ки.

    03.04.2018 inginmuca1986:
    With this latest update for iOS, Android, and desktop versions of Telegram, users can make bots do things like send off a GIF from Giphy within a chat.

    09.02.2018 Валерий:
    Как отправлять гифки в Телеграмм: панель стикеров и встроенные боты.  В Telegram можно не только использовать чужие GIF-файлы, но и создавать.

    19.02.2018 Степан:
    Страница предлагает авторизоваться или зарегистрироваться на сайте.

    14.02.2018 enulec:
    Telegram Login for Websites. Jan 31. Telegram X: Progress through Competition.  GIFs tab allows you to search through thousands of great GIF animations, powered by Giphy.