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  • Monster Hunter World! -=- Easiest Way To Get HUNTER ACE, BRUTE, AND FLYING COINS!

  • What happens when no more coins are generated?
    The same as bitcoin, miners will generate income via transacton fees. Although, game transaction fees are a lot more expensive.

    Won’t bots take over?
    Maybe eventually they will, and it will be humans vs bots, then bots vs bots..
    We are currently working on making it more difficult for automated dominator’s.

    Why haven’t I heard of Huntercoin?
    Huntercoin was created as an experiment and as a hobbiest project. No Marketing or promotion and with a very small team working in our spare time.

    Where is Huntercoin headed?
    Although Huntercoin was originally designed to be supported for only 1 year, we have continued and will continue to develop Huntercoin further.

    Who is behind Huntercoin?
    Huntercoin was originally conceived by Andrew Colosimo working in conjuction with Mikhail Syndeev (R.I.P.). The Core Code is now looked after by Dr. Daniel Kraft who has now reimplimented code onto that of upstream bitcoin core. The game portion of Huntercoin has been removed from the QT Wallet and a Third Party Unity3d Client is used for Human Mining (gaming). This client has been developed by various freelancers and was semi completed by Konstantin Gorskov but is now being re-developed from scratch using the Unreal Engine.


    Monster Hunter World! -=- Easiest Way To Get HUNTER ACE, BRUTE, AND FLYING COINS!

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    24.02.2018 navetiwelt:
    This makes getting the Monster Hunter World Hunter King Coin a true challenge and goal for any Hunter wanting to get the most out of their game.

    05.03.2018 Агафья:
    Status. How do i get Hunter King Coin? Answered. Where can I find (Deviljho coin)?

    28.03.2018 stepokmaper:
    ?? Hunter King Coin is a Material type of Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW).  It shines with all the glory of the Hunter King.

    21.03.2018 Степанида:
    Hunter King Coins. com's standard return policy will apply.  Hunter King Coin is a rare 0 item/material found in Monster Hunter World.

    17.02.2018 marxiser:
    Grudge Match: Zamtrios Unlocked by completing Gathering Hall 3* Advanced: Sand Sailor Toad Coin, Hunter King Coin.